Barr Hill Gin, the perfect base for the Bee’s Knees cocktail, is partnering with bee and pollinator organizations to help save the bees.

Join them in raising awareness and funds for this essential cause.

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Want to help us save the bees? Sign up and serve the Bee’s Knees at your bar during the week.

Come back and donate a portion of profits to one of our partner organizations!

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Barr Hill

Caledonia Spirits distills their Landcrafted™ Barr Hill Gin, Tom Cat Gin, and Barr Hill Vodka in the heart of Vermont. Raw honey is the premium ingredient in each spirit, imparting a soft botanical essense into every bottle.

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Tell your friends and family why bees are so essential to the environment! Encourage them to help out by sipping a Barr Hill Bee’s Knees Cocktail during the week at a participating bar in your area or by donating their time or money to one of our partner organizations or a local organization in your home state!